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High Pressure Mist System Help
from Mr. Mister ...

What do I need?

Step 1 
Step 2

Measure the height of your patio, pergola, gazebo, etc. 

Measure the length of the area that you want to have mist coming down from.

WHY is this important?

It is all about FLOW RATE.

Each 1000psi pump has a certain amount of flow of water running through it at all times.  

(.5 GPM /1GPM/ etc.)

The length determines the amount of nozzles needed to cover the space. Indicating the total amount of water flow, per minute, going out of the pump.

The height determines the size of nozzle needed (.008-.010-.012).  Which increases, or decreases, the amount of water coming out each nozzle per minute.

Help Videos

The Pump:
Fittings and Line:
High Pressure Mist with a Rose
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