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If you are ready to Reclaim Your Outdoor Spaces,

you have three options to find out the overall cost.

Request a Design Appointment 

so that we can walk and talk your space.  During this time we will discuss the design and answer any and all of the questions you may have.  

Size/ Shape/ Pump location

Purchase Kits of different lengths to install a system yourself.

This is the fastest way to receive an estimate.


Follow Up appointment will have to be set to ensure cost accuracy.  


The form will ask the following questions:

  • Your Contact Information

  • The Height (In feet) of your application​

  • The Linear Length (In Feet) of your application

    • NOT Square feet​

  • Add Swivels Y/N

    • These allow you to change the direction of each nozzle​'s mist

  • Pump Options  (same 1000psi)

    • Open Direct Drive

      • Most Cost Effective​

    • Enclosed Direct Drive

      • Metal Enclosure​

    • Pulley Driven 

      • Metal Enclosure​

      • Quietest Option 

  • No Color vs Colored Line

    • Plain Silver or Powder Coated​ 

  • Type of Application

    • Select all that apply​

  • Compression Fittings

    • Brass vs Stainless Steel

      • Hold Mist Line the same​


Design Appointment Request

Let's walk and talk your space!

Or you can Call or Email 


It's time to RECLAIM your outdoor spaces! We will contact you shortly.


Get a Preliminary Quote

We will get it back to you as soon as possible!

Are you looking for an application with fans? If this is your request, unfortunately the Online Quotre is not an option. We will have to set up a Design Appointment with you. Submitt Above!

Type of Application

Don't Know What
to Select?


Mist Line
1000 PSI Pump (Lowet to Highest Cost)
Brass Compression Fitting
Stainless Steal Compression Fitting
Powder coated Stainless Steal Line
Stainless Steal Line
Type of Application
ADD 360 Degree Swivels?

Adding Photos or Video will GREATLY increase the accuracy of the Preliminary Quote

1- Photos of the outside of the application.  

2 -Photo of where you have an power/ water access

(Pump location)

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Make sure ALL *Required fields are answered


We will get back to you ASAP!

Mr. Mister

Do It Yourself Kits

If you pride yourself with being handy around the house you can purchase High Pressure Mist Kits that will be delivered right to you door!


For now, contact Mr. Mister and we can walk you through the cost, and steps to determine your needs in getting this done yourself!

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